Getting access

There is a password and the printer is only available inside of IU’s network. Please see me for access information.

Printing a model

  1. Go to the Octoprint instance (QR code found on printer) and upload your model to the files section on the lefthand side of the interface.

  2. Ensure the print bed is clear.

  3. Ensure there is enough filament in the spool to print your object. You can find an estimation of filament use in Prusa Slicer

  4. Press the printer button on the file you wish to print

Removing a print

The build plate is magnetic and comes right out. When it comes out, you can gently bend it to loosen and remove a print.

Build plate removed

When you put the build plate back in, be sure that the locating pins at the back align with the build plate features.

Build plate locating tabs

What to do when things go south

Generally, if a print fails, the first thing to do is to stop the printer. You should log into Octoprint and use the stop function there. If that fails, either use the screen on the printer or switch the power off in the back. Do not put your hand in the enclosure while the printer is running.

Contact Professor Sexton if you encounter continued problems or if you do have the need to turn the printer off.

If the print doesn’t stick

This may be because the bed isn’t level. You can level the bed under the “Bed Visualizer” tab in Octoprint.

  1. Clear the print bed of any plastic

  2. Press the “Update Mesh Now” button

  3. Allow the printer to run its leveling routine

  4. Try your print again at this point.

Loading filament

First use the control panel to initiate the filament unload procedure.

Main menu

Next, select "PLA" as the material you are unloading (or another option if you have put other filament types in the printer).

Filament type

Finally, wait a few moments until the machine prompts you to pull the filament out. You may gently tug by the filament roll at the top right.

If the filament is stuck, you may need to disconnect the tube at the extruder end and pull the filament from there. While gently pressing on the blue ring, pull the tube up to reveal the filament inside. Push the tube and ring back down when you are done.

Filament guide tube
Tube removed